What experience do you have in supplying 5-star hotels?

Please see our project references

Are you equipped to supply large projects for guestrooms?

Yes, hotel guestroom furniture and seating is our core business. Our well-equipped Shanghai manufacturing plants are set-up to support this activity with a combined production area over 50,000sqm.

Are you able to supply 4-star hotels competitively as it seems you mostly supply 5-star hotels?

Definitely. This is a growing area of supply for us. We have now another production facility specialised in high quality melamine laminate production.

What is the warranty period?

Five year guarantee: on all wooden casegoods and wood frame seating produced in our Shanghai factories. For furniture and other interior products that we supply from other factories we offer 5 year guarantee

What will be the course of action to replace or repair any items that fail in the warranty period?

This really depends on the nature of the problem. We will either use reputable local companies to conduct repair work or in some cases make replacements in our China factories and ship (courier, air or sea freight depending on items and urgency). These situations are kept to a minimum – though naturally cannot be avoided altogether – thanks to our meticulous quality control team which conducts diligent checks from start to finish including 100% inspection of finished goods.

What are the payment terms?

30% deposit with balance after final inspection before shipment. Other payment terms will be considered but may be subject to a price premium.

What is the delivery time?

Depends on the size of the project. Prototypes usually take 3 – 4 weeks and for mass production 30 – 90 days FOB depending upon size of project and production capacity at time of order.

Where do you source your woods from?

Most of the hardwoods used in the production of casegoods are imported from Canada.
We use veneers from various sources though we always ensure they are sources that can provide evidence of reforestation programmes. We also use FSC approved or reconstituted veneers where possible

How long do shop drawings take to produce?

We would typically provide most drawings within one week subject to workloads.

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